As a sought-after speaker, Shay gives talks on social enterprise, entrepreneurial success, the future, indigenous development, and building young leaders. He has spoken at Forbes events, CEO Summits University graduation ceremonies and conferences in New Zealand and around the world.

NZ CEO Summit 2016 - speaking about the future of business and the changing paradigm towards valuing culture, diversity and the environment - a change which  makes good business sense

Ministry for Primary Industries Champions - exploring how we can strengthen and redefine our primary industries in New Zealand through entrepreneurship, innovation and indigenous knowledgee

McGuiness Institute's TacklingPovertyNZ workshop -  sharing ideas about system change, empowering people to increase their incomes, and helping communities create world-class enterprises

Festival for the Future - about being relentless, tools to help 'find your why' and using Shay's own growth model, 'The Opportunity Snowball' to manifest virtuous cycles of growth and opportunity

Te Whare Hukahuka - meet the two Co-founders and explore the bold vision of Te Whare Hukahuka, the personalities behind the enterprise, and the way they are setting out to make change

Forbes Under 30 Summit Asia - a snapshot of the work that three notable social entrepreneurs are doing to use the tools of innovation and business to tackle problems in their communities                  

New Frontiers - two indigenous entrepreneurs chat about the unique way that Maori businesses embed community and environmental outcomes into their business models

Young Enterprise interview - Shay sharing his view on the importance of exposing young people to basic business skills, and the way that this helped shape his pathway into entrepreneurship